Civil or in church, the only think that lasts is the union of two people, two souls! Civil marriage in Greece can happen in any location you desire! We will help you with the original papers, the decoration of the area and the witnesses if you prefer just the two of you during the ceremony.. .

Vows Renewal

What do you think about Vows Renewal? You can repeat the most beautiful moment of your life together and say “I love you”! You do not need any papers as it is not a legal ceremony! This renewal can be performed every year or every 5 years as an anniversary party that will last forever!


“Customs” is a popular and crucial word according to the Greek ethics! If you prefer to integrate into the Greek culture, then an Orthodox marriage is what you need! The only think you have to do is to find the “koumparous” (best men and bridesmaids) and the material of the engagement like veres , (the rings) and the marriage crowns… and let the rest on our hands!


Jewish weddings in Spetses are a special blend of unique experience and unique location! We are ready to propose you locations of an extreme beauty. The location is up to your taste! On a beach or in your place all can be done! Just to say that you have to take with you your smile and your best friends and family! We are able to create you the perfect atmosphere according to your traditions and ethics! The ceremony is taking part under the Huppah, where both groom and wife exchange their vows of respect and eternal love!